"That our highest calling and pursuit in this

organization is first and foremost for the glory of

GOD; this governs all which we seek to do."

-The Constitution of The Indigenous Mission, Liberia

In September, 2017, The Indigenous Mission (TIM) was formed and registered as a "Non-Governmental Organization" (NGO) with the Liberian government to meet government registration requirements for a non-profit in order to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for our new school; Grace Christian Academy.

The Indigenous Mission began as a partnership between Lucas and Lois Richard (Missionaries to Liberia, CMML, Inc.) and their Liberian colleagues Alfred and Musu Varney. The formation of The Indigenous Mission is the culmination of years of prayer, conviction, ministry, and combined vision between the Varney's and the Richard's. And, while the government registration was required, the purpose and goals of these original partners remain unchanged: Preaching the Gospel, Making Disciples, Serving the Poor and Afflicted; and Identifying, Training, and Equipping Indigenous Missionaries and Leaders, through preaching the Gospel, making disciples, working with and through the local church, and delegating responsibility to Indigenous believers.

Through TIM, we are laboring to encourage the believers in the mostly-Muslim Gola Konneh District of Liberia, specifically in the village of Tahn. TIM endeavors to work with and through Tahn Bible Church (the local assembly), supporting their ministries to build up the church, reach out to the community, and plant more Bible based - New Testament - patterned churches. Ultimately TIM's intent is not to be a "para-church" organization, but to encourage the important Biblical roles of the local, autonomous, elder-led churches among the tribes and villages in our area.

In the meantime TIM, by the grace & leading of GOD, we  will perform the following ministries:

Through the local church:

  • Preaching the Gospel
  • Helping the poor, widows, orphans, and displaced peoples

  • Providing education for rural-Liberia's most vulnerable kids

  • Facilitating Short/Long-Term Missions/Missionaries
    • Short-Term Mission Teams
      • Medical Missions
      • Construction Teams
      • Evangelism Teams
  • Making & training Disciples 
  • Church planting
  • Training & equipping students of the Word of GOD in our Bible School
  • Reaching out to the Muslim community with the love and Gospel of  Jesus Christ